Tall Ships Festival

The Tall Ships Festival in Cleveland, Ohio is going on July 7th – 11th.

The first image was shot in color and is straight from the camera with no processing. The angles and the lighting allowed for a great silhouette.

The second photo, as you can probably tell received a few tweaks in photoshop.

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Come Fly With Me

The Flutter exhibit is open this summer at The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.  They have exotic butterflies, with a diverse range of color.

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Playhouse Square

I was down in Playhouse Square taking some pictures, when I decided I wanted to take a few shots with a slower shutter speed.  I didn’t have my tripod with me, so I put the camera on a curb and propped up the lens with my cell phone.  When I got home, I thought the picture would look cool if I tweaked the color saturation a bit.  Here is a before and after.

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Fountain of Eternal Life

Here is a photo of the Fountain of Eternal life, also known as the War Memorial Fountain in Downtown Cleveland.  The water was not turned on at the time of this picture, which gives it a slightly different vibe.

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Toad on a Road

Last week, I went to Bradley Woods while the sun was going down.  On a path, I found a toad using seaweed on his head as camouflage.

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Severance Hall

This is Severance Hall in Cleveland, Ohio.  It is the home of The Cleveland Orchestra.

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